I think it is appropriate to show you how the Spirit operates so you can understand God's display of authority in all the affairs of man. But you cannot read the "GOOD NEWS" with the eyeglasses of your previous education. We serve scriptural links of God's thoughts in chains that speak the voice of God, not man's words or man's ideas and opinions (some readers do not like looking up a string of scriptures because of laziness and impatience). We do this because God said, "Your thoughts are not my thoughts and your ways are not my ways," Isaiah 55:6-8. So you cannot use man's wisdom and logic and assume that God follows "logical" patterns of human thinking. You cannot scrutinize the WORD of God and research it like you would do prose or human law. It is a BOOK full of similes, parables, and "living parables" which appear as routine incidents in the everyday lives of the participants recorded in the Bible, Isaiah 40:12-14,28. God has also allowed satanic errors from ignorance and judging by "natural" appearance to be recorded as a written "badger skin" veil (unclean spirit covering) within the BOOK ... so that HE ALONE IS ITS "MASTER" capable of discerning which scriptures are His and which are not, (a) Numbers 4:4-8, (b) Psalm 23:5, (c) Ezekiel 34:17-22. And devils have delighted in misleading the writers in thought-concepts not previously illuminated by God. The incident when Moses cast down his rod, which became a serpent only to become a rod (shepherd) again when he picked it up, reveals God's technic in impressing Satan that He sent the particular writer or prophet, Exodus 32:2-4; Numbers 17:8. God "time-releases" understanding; so men have "known in part and understood in part" with some parts wrong! I Corinthians 13:8-10. The problem is to get people to believe that there are (veils), "blue, scarlet, and badger skin" SEALS consisting of words in the WORD of God. People actually think they can "study" to discover deeper truth ....even though the BOOK IS SEALED to men, Isaiah 29:10-11; Daniel 12:9; Revelation 5:1-5, 10:1-5, except to the very "few chosen" and to those taught personally and directly by God and Christ, Matthew 11:25-27. They are enlightened only in those areas and subjects God chooses. This understanding can be described as a "talent" of light (hail to devils) falling from heaven, Revelation 16:21. The extent of God's power is unlimited by language or time. The sooner you learn to respect His authority over all languages and the affairs of all men in all generations (Daniel 4:17,34-35), the easier it will be for YOU to "hear" the written messages of the 7th angel testified by "John" in the "GOOD NEWS", Revelation 10:1-7,9. Try and avoid stagnation in the quagmire of your previous human teachers.

Time, languages, and translation are not restrictions on the WORD of God. God speaks in all tongues and all will hear as He did on the day of Pentecost with the disciples. Greek, Latin, or English make little difference. In either language the WORD is still..."SEALED". Let's face it! God created all languages, Genesis 11:6-9. He put His signature with "flair" on all of His works, including those languages, Psalm 19:1-6. ALL words are therefore God's 'words' distinguished from THE WORD of God. Please do not make me an "offender for a word" for showing you new things that ARE WRITTEN, Isaiah 28:18-21. Borrowing from Paul: "For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto His glory; why yet am I also judged as a..."man lacking scriptural understanding?" Romans 3:7. If redactors put forth a faithful effort in their translations, God was with them even in what is today an "apparent" translation error. Understanding Greek does not make SEALS on the WORD lose their power. Do not use a jaded mind to judge my (?) works. The work is not mine. It is God's work. And He is "doing a work, a strange work, and an act, a strange act, Isaiah 28:21. Regarding God's work, it is written that, "Kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told to them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider," Isaiah 52:15. Keep an open and flexible mind because there are mysteries and glories to be revealed only in the TIME OF THE END which your previous human teachers did not know and could not possibly write. The 7th angel is preaching them NOW, Revelation 10:7. Be more ready to hear (read) than to criticize and to accept talents rather than to reject them...because..."we never head of him before"! All that I have is yours and it is given for your peace and comfort. Blessed are all those who are not offended in me," Matthew 10:40, 11:6.

My desire is to share with you God's explanation of His LOVE and His doctrine of ONENESS, two of the most powerful and brightest concepts of light a child can learn from his teacher and Father. Love and oneness supercede all other concepts which fall short of its Most High glory. Doctrines of partial light wherein men know only part of the truth are filled with error in areas where the light did not previously extend. These errors must be discarded for the brighter bliss of present END-TIME light from the heart and mind of the Father. He now "roars" in defense of His captive children bound on earth by the powers of darkness, Daniel 12:4,9; Revelation 10:2,6-7. LOVE defies errors and its heat dissolves two and three day old manna (2,000 to 3,000 year old doctrines) which is now exposed and found to be loaded with worms. Doctrines glorying in the vain "flesh" and earthly heritage of one set of men over another are psychologically DIVISIVE and ANTI-ONENESS, Matthew 12:23. Such doctrines are embraced by those who are out of time and season with heaven.

Come up! Come all the way up! ... to today in Heaven, where LOVE and ONENESS is the adhesive which joins every "lively stone" from every nation, kindred, and tongue into ONE "HOUSE" of brotherhood ... by the superior lineage of SPIRIT origin! Isaiah 2:2, 25:6-8. What spirit? God Himself, OUR FATHER, Isaiah 63:16; Matthew 23:9. Must God beg you to love other men on earth who may also be "prodigals" because you have an over-shadowing flesh-based superiority complex? Luke 15:25-32; Romans 11:30-33; I Corinthians 4:7. I say, any prodigal's 'spirit' is more kin to God than your flesh! For that reason your flesh and blood will never enter the kingdom of heaven, John 6:63; I Corinthians 15:50. ALL MEN have a birthright, Psalm 82:6-8, 87.

Do you have some 'man-made' doctrines, theology, and church 'traditions' to defend?... Matthew 15:8-9. Why do I ask? Because failure to walk in the light when one sees it underscores his weakness before God and heaven before whom we stand as spectacles in spiritual warfare. Like Jacob, maybe you think you are wrestling angels as you journey home to God! I have 'news' for you that Jacob was not aware of as he struggled with a 'figure' in the darkness ... a figure who could not stand and face the brightness of the Son! Genesis 32:24-31; Malachi 4:2. "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness, Ephesians 6:12. Have you 'figured' out why God had Moses write about Jacob's wrestle with one whom he presumed was an 'angel'? Read II Corinthian 11:13-15. Beware of minding the flesh. "You cannot please God" by it!! Read Romans 8:5-8 <(VERY IMPORTANT). So to those of you who think you are exclusively 'Israel' (as if in some way you are "better" and more important than the rest of mankind) ... recall WHO it was who first gave Jacob that "nickname". If you wallow in Jacob's dust and darkness, beware lest you also have to hobble home like a lame man "halting on your thigh"!! Why? . . . because you cannot walk straight in thoughts of brotherhood, LOVE, and ONENESS before the Father! A few questions to test your ability to apply light: if we do not wrestle flesh and blood, was Esau really an enemy hated by God? ... or was it really those devils controlling him that God despised? How did Jacob truly feel about Esau? Did he sincerely view him as a brother in his heart? Was 'wrestling a man' a staged act and episode designed to teach God's heavenly students watching in those days a true lesson about brotherly love? What did God read in Jacob's heart? What is He reading in your heart as you read this letter? MY FATHER HAS NO RESPECT OF PERSONS, Romans 11:29-36. Do you think you really are 'better' than God's prodigals and you deserve the 'birthright'? --"but not those sinner men out there"! Well, God has "GOOD NEWS" for you! "BE YE PERFECT" AS HE IS PERFECT! Read Isaiah 25:6-8; Matthew 5:43-48; Luke 7:41-43; John 17:21-23.

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