II Baruch 36

1, 2 And when I had said these things I fell asleep there, and I saw a vision in the night. And lo! a forest of trees planted on the plain, and lofty and rugged rocky mountains surrounded it, and that 3 forest occupied much space. And lo! over against it arose a vine, and from under it there went forth 4 a fountain peacefully. Now that fountain came to the forest and was (stirred) into great waves, and those waves submerged that forest, and suddenly they rooted out the greater part of that forest, and 5 overthrew all the mountains which were round about it. And the height of the forest began to be made low, and the top of the mountains was made low and that fountain prevailed greatly, so that it 6 left nothing of that great forest save one cedar only. Also when it had cast it down and had destroyed and rooted out the greater par t of that forest, so that nothing was left of it, nor could its place be recognized, then that vine began to come with the fountain in peace and great tranquillity, and it came to a place which was not far from that cedar, and they brought the cedar which had 7 been cast down to it. And I beheld and lo! that vine opened its mouth and spake and said to that cedar: 'Art thou not that cedar which was left of the forest of wickedness, and by whose means 8 wickedness persisted, and was wrought all those years, and goodness never. And thou didst keep conquering that which was not thine, and to that which was thine thou didst never show compassion, and thou didst keep extending thy power over those who were far from thee, and those who drew nigh thee thou didst hold fast in the toils of thy wickedness, and thou didst uplift thyself always as 9, 10 one that could not be rooted out! But now thy time has sped and thine hour is come. Do thou also therefore depart O cedar, after the forest. which departed before thee, and become dust with it. 11 and let your ashes be mingled together, And now recline in anguish and rest in torment till thy last time come, in which thou wilt come again, and be tormented still more.'