II Baruch 62

1 'And the black seventh waters which thou bast seen, this is the perversion (brought about) by the 2 counsel of Jeroboam, who took counsel to make two calves of gold: And all the iniquities which 3 kings who were after him iniquitously wrought. And the curse of Jezebel and the worship of idols 4 which Israel practised at that time. And the withholding of rain, and the famines which occurred 5 until women eat the fruit of their wombs. And the time of their captivity which came upon the nine 6 tribes and a half, because they were in many sins. And Salmanasar king of Assyria came and led 7 them away captive. But regarding the Gentiles it were tedious to tell how they always wrought 8 impiety and wickedness, and never wrought righteousness. These are the black seventh waters which thou hast seen.