II Baruch 61

1 'And the bright sixth waters which thou didst see, this is the time in which David and Solomon were born. 2 And there was at that time the building of Zion, And the dedication of the sanctuary, And the shedding of much blood of the nations that sinned then, And many offerings which were offered then in the dedication of the sanctuary. 3 And peace and tranquillity existed at that time, 4 And wisdom was heard in the assembly: And the riches of understanding were magnified in the congregations, 5 And the holy festivals were fulfilled in blessedness and in much joy. 6 And the judgement of the rulers was then seen to be without guile, And the righteousness of the precepts of the Mighty One was accomplished with truth. 7 And the land [which] was then beloved by the Lord, And because its inhabitants sinned not, it was glorified beyond all lands, And the city Zion ruled then over all lands and regions. 8 These are the bright waters which thou hast seen.