II Baruch 59

1 And the bright fourth waters which thou hast seen are the advent of Moses and Aaron and 2 Miriam and Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb and of all those like them. For at that time the lamp of the eternal law shone on all those who sat in darkness, which announced to them that believe the 3 promise of their reward, and to them that deny, the torment of fire which is reserved for them. But also the heavens at that time were shaken from their place, and those who were under the throne of 4 the Mighty One were perturbed, when He was taking Moses unto Himself For He showed him many admonitions together with the principles of the law and the consummation of' the times, as also to thee, and likewise the pattern of Zion and its measures, in the pattern of which the 5 sanctuary of the present time was to be made. But then also He showed to him the measures of the fire, also the depths of the abyss, and the weight of the winds, and the number of the drops of 6 rain: And the suppression of anger, and the multitude of long-suffering, and the truth of judgement: 7, 8 And the root of wisdom, and the riches of understanding, and the fount of knowledge: And the height of the air, and the greatness of Paradise, and the consummation of the ages, and the beginning 9 of the day of judgement: And the number of the offerings, and the earths which have not yet come: 10 And the mouth of Gehenna, and the station of vengeance, and the place of faith, and the region of 11 hope: And the likeness of future torment, and the multitude of innumerable angels, and the flaming hosts, and the splendour of the lightning and the voice of the thunders, and the orders of the chiefs of the angels, and the treasuries of light, and the changes of the times, and the investigations of the 12 law. These are the bright fourth waters which thou hast seen.