II Baruch 56:5-16

5 the intelligence of Him who sent it. And as thou didst previously see on the summit of the cloud black waters which descended previously on the earth, this is the transgression wherewith Adam the first man transgressed. 6 For [since] when he transgressed Untimely death came into being, Grief was named And anguish was prepared, And pain was created, And trouble consummated, And disease began to be established, And Sheol kept demanding that it should be renewed in blood, And the begetting of children was brought about, And the passion of parents produced, And the greatness of humanity was humiliated, And goodness languished. 7, 8 What therefore can be blacker or darker than these things? This is the beginning of the black 9 waters which thou hast seen. And from these black (waters) again were black derived, and the 10 darkness of darkness was produced. For he became a danger to his own soul: even to the angels 11, 12 became he a danger. For, moreover, at that time when he was created, they enjoyed liberty. And 13 some of them descended, and mingled with the women. And then those who did so were tormented 14 in chains. But the rest of the multitude of the angels, of which there is (no) number, restrained 15 themselves. And those who dwelt on the earth perished together (with them) through the waters 16 of the deluge. These are the black first waters.