II Baruch 67

1 'And the black eleventh waters which thou hast seen: this is the calamity which is now befalling Zion. 2 Dost thou think that there is no anguish to the angels in the presence of the Mighty One, That Zion was so delivered up, And that lo! the Gentiles boast in their hearts, And assemble before their idols and say, "She is trodden down who oft times trod down, And she has been reduced to servitude who reduced (others)"? 3 Dost thou think that in these things the Most High rejoices, Or that His name is glorified? 4 [But how will it serve towards His righteous judgement?] 5 Yet after these things shall the dispersed among the Gentiles be taken hold of by tribulation, And in shame shall they dwell in every place. 6 Because so far as Zion is delivered up And Jerusalem laid waste, Shall idols prosper in the cities of the Gentiles, And the vapour of the smoke of the incense of the righteousness which is by the law is extinguished in Zion, And in the region of Zion in every place lo! there is the smoke of impiety. 7 But the king of Babylon will arise who has now destroyed Zion, And he will boast over the people, And he will speak great things in his heart in the presence of the Most High. 8 But he also shall fall at last. These are the black waters.