God's Seal Above and Below

Let us consider the multiple messages and meanings of to "seal" as taught by God. Refracting this word and the various resultant words we have:

1. Seal- SEE ALL meaning to understand all things and have God's thoughts and to see the world of devils which is invisible to human eyes as a heavenly Watcher, Proverbs 15:3; Daniel 4:17; Hebrews 12:1.

2. Seal- SEA (E)L meaning the sea of God, Genesis 1:6. The Sea of God consists of His multitudes of children. By separating the waters from the waters He has made a Sea of Host Watchers which grows as fast as men of the earthly sea arise upon dying. Enoch 54:7,8, Testament of Judah IV:6,7 (LBB), Revelation 17:15.

3. Seal- SEE GOD(EL) referring to those who stand before God and see Him face to face as well as those on the earth to whom He manifests Himself, Ecclesiastes 12:7; Amos 4:12; Luke 15:20-24; John 14:21-23.

4. Sealed -SEA LED refers to those on earth with understanding and fruit of the heavenly quality. They are LEAD by those who constitute the SEA (of glass,) who are people gathered previously from the earth upon dying, Revelation 15:2, III Baruch 10:5,6,8-10.

5. Sealing- Ceiling. Parabolically men constitute the temple or house of God. Those sealed in this sense are (sun) beams which comprise the ceiling. Position-wise, the men of earth below are God's feet abiding on His footstool. Those who are "sealing" beams are fixed in place far above in the Highest place. Enoch saw this parable as a house whose "ceiling was like the path of stars and lightnings", Enoch 14:11,18; "ceiling also was flaming fire". In the natural constellations, the stars are always above the earth to teach us these persons dwell in heaven. The temple Solomon built, I Kings 6:15; II Chronicles 3:5, had "beams of cedar (see darkness) and rafters of fir (fire,) Song of Solomon 1:17.

6. Sealed persons as seen by Ezra, II Esdras 2:38-39,45 are those who have been raised to the heights of heaven and transformed into the glory of angels, Luke 15:20-24, 20:37-38; John 6:37, 12:24,32. These see God's concepts in their heads as they are taught of God and retain knowledge with their new photographic minds, Isaiah 54:13; Hebrews 12:22-24.

7. Seal as mentioned in Ode of Solomon 8:15,16: all men have God's "seal set on their faces," refers to SEE (E)L (God). "The Lord... created man in the likeness of His own face... Secrets XLIV:1. "Man is created after God's likeness", Genesis 1:26. Thus we SEE God (EL) when we see any man since the seal of God is the man's face.

8. Seal as to receive a "seal" from God, is to receive hidden orders or a secret message administered by the angel involved (revolving, Enoch 43:2,44 ) as it happened with Daniel and all the writers God sent to men, Isaiah 29:10-14; Daniel 12:4,8-9; Revelation 5:1-4. So men open their bibles, but the Word remains closed. They read them, but they cannot read. They see words, but they cannot see. They attempt to loose seals, but the seals do not budge. Praise God! "Shewbread" is unlawful to be eaten except by God appointed priests and only by them when He pleases.

9. Seal opening occurs only in the end as Gabriel told Daniel. When God infuses understanding, it lightens one's mind to SEE ALL of the messages previously hidden to earthly men's conscious awareness, Revelation 5:2,5, Enoch 72:7, 15:4. So to be sealed in the forehead in this sense is to receive such light, and to be sealed in the hand is to SEE ALL men in the hand of the Father, Ezekiel 34:31; John 10:27-29 and Exodus 29:39-43; Psalm 44:11,22.

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