Black Holes, the Event Horizon, and the Singularity

Scientists have theorized about the presence of "black holes" in the cosmos. Originally the "Big Bang" sent matter, gasses, particle emissions, and light spiraling outward from the primordial mass in all directions. Always the direction is circular. Thus the cosmos is expanding. Expansion decreases the affect of gravity of the orbiting bodies one on the other as they move away from each other. According to some theorists, eventually the outward motion will be stopped and a counter motion will bring the cosmos back in on itself. This is they activity of the "black hole".

The black hole is an interesting proposition. Stars eventually become black holes. Stars go through a metamorphosis in which massive stars like our sun begin to "burn out". Expending their energy from their nuclear furnaces in the form of heat, waves of particles and light, they become swollen red giants. These in turn degrade their mass in an event called the "super nova" which expels energy, particles and light in a brilliant display. The remaining matter is a mass of neutrons of very great density called a white dwarf. Massive neutron stars are so dense that eventually the gravitational forces of the star causes it to collapse upon itself. The force of the gravitational pull is so great that nothing near it can escape, not even light. Loss of light creates the black hole. One cannot see a black hole. But they have been theorized by the presence of tell-tale x-rays. The point where the pull of gravity and the motion and speed of light is roughly equal is called the "event horizon". The last gasp of matter as it begins to be absorbed into the black hole is the expulsion of x-rays outlined in a circle rimming the black hole. It is these x-rays around a black hole and stardust spiraling downward toward it that have helped scientists identify it.

What happens to matter when it enters a black hole is interesting. The pull of gravity is greatest on the portion of the body that enters first and it is less on the portion of the same body further away. This distorts the form of the matter being absorbed, and it begins to break apart in a process called "spaghettification", elongated threading or shredding of the body as it goes downward. The center of black hole is a "singularity" where everything becomes a super dense single mass of unimaginable weight. What happens at the center of the black hole, no one knows and scientists say a new set of physical laws, which we cannot imagine, is required to understand it. Some theorize that when and if enough black holes collapse on each other creating a super dense giant black hole, the resulting giant will gain so much gravitational force that it will reverse the outward spiral of the cosmos pulling the galaxies back toward itself. Everything will begin spiraling back to the center. Eventually we will have the "original primordial" mass the way it was before the "big bang".

We know the "primordial mass" is God in His state of misery before He began the creation. After He dreamed His dream to escape the torture and imprisonment of being all there is, He began the creation, the "big bang". The cosmos was created, the Heavens and the eventual "house" for the FAMILY He envisioned. Men have been called the stars of God and parabolized as the sand on the seashore for sheer numbers. Earthly matter has been called star dust. We can look at what happens to stars and learn what happens to man.

Your Father, the original primordial mass is not a black hole. But He can be likened to it because men know very little about Him! This lack of knowledge leaves men in the dark and hence for man, God is like a massive black hole. His pull on human stars is easy to see. Those spirits who have emanated from Him have no choice but to return to Him by His overwhelming force, Isaiah 48:13. Jesus said, "I will draw all men unto me" and "No man can come unto me except my Father draws him and I will raise him up on (his) last day". In death, stars being absorbed take their last breath and eX-pire. This is the indication of x-rays at the event horizon. The "x" means one is "crossed out", that he has died. And death is an event that sends the spirits of men upward toward the Creator who is the center of everything, Ecclesiastes 12:7; 2 Corinthians 5:1-8. When all men are drawn back to Him and we become one in nature and behavior with Him, the "oneness" Jesus talked about will be achieved, John 17:21-23. This is the "singularity" effect. There are twelve (black holes) Heavens where stars are drawn.

What happens inside of Heaven, we do not need a new set of unknown physical laws to understand. We have devoted an entire theme-site to explain what happens there. Go to our Heaven site and learn a new set of physical laws.

What can we conclude from this? Science supports God's revelation of the creation and destiny of mankind as presented in our material. The conclusions of the preachers and the churches on the destiny of mankind are totally unsupported. "Hellfire and brimstone" destruction of most of mankind is a fantasy and a lie espoused by the Dragon and his crony preachers. You doubtful men out there, who are uncertain about your future and destiny, can now take comfort in science! Men are God's stars, Genesis 15:15-18. The Creator (Primordial Mass) will draw you back to Himself. There is no place for doctrines spelling out a different destiny for man in the real truth! We have Word of God support and scientific support. What support do you have to believe otherwise? ..but thieving hands reaching out to collect more of your money in a fraudulent scheme for tithes and offerings, Isaiah 55:1-5; Micah 3:8-11; Matthew 10:8-10; Luke 16:10-13. "Tithes and offerings" was an integral part of the Levitical priesthood of Moses under the Old Covenant. It does not apply under Jesus, the New Covenant, and the Heavenly Priesthood. Jesus is our high priest and he does not want or need your money. He will take a pure heart! Hirelings and thieves in pulpits will not be given the greater truths that you find here. They would "make merchandise of it" and sell it. I will remind you that Jesus threw out from the temple all those who bought and sold and overthrew the tables of the money changers, John 2:13-17. All they have to sell you are inferior things which cannot comfort and satisfy! Their so-called "truths" gender fears of reprisal and threats of fire and death, and place tough conditions and "red tape" on receiving grace and mercy, while painting your Father as a vindictive, stern Judge without compassion, whose compelling duty is to punish all with the smallest blemish in the end. That picture of God painted by the church is typical Dragon hog-wash! Revelation 13:4-7,11 and Daniel 7:21-22. If you want fear and doubt, continue following human "hirelings of men". If you want comfort with confidence regardless of what kind of hell-hole the devil has you in right now, stick with our GOOD NEWS.

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